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Body Oil
Body Oil
Body Oil

Body Oil


All natural, moisturizing body oil that can be used on the skin (face and body), hair, cuticles or feet.
We infuse the oils with dried lavender, rose and calendula petals to transfer therapeutic properties into the oil, then strain the herbs out. We then add lavender and vanilla essential oil for scent and additional therapeutic support.
Calendula is anti-inflammatory and promotes skin regeneration which can promote clearer skin, minimize scarring and improve the overall appearance. Rose is a soothing herb for the skin to help reduce redness, irritation and signs of premature aging. Lavender complements the recipe with its beautiful scent and additional anti-inflammatory properties.
Our body oil is a must have to support your skin, particularly during the harsh winter months.

INGREDIENTS: Lavender, Rose and Calendula Infused Organic Safflower Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil

Apply during or post-shower to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Can be used on all skin, hair, cuticles. Scented with lavender and vanilla essential oils.

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